Day 6 – Part Deux – Milan Fashion Week: Hanging with Models

21 Sep

Waiting for Jan to finish work at the university. I’m in a library in Milan and the guy next to me is ripping CDs to his MacBook Pro. The dude’s big into movies cause it’s all soundtracks: Last of the Mohicans (Trevor Jones), a compilation of different Star Trek films (ST II – James Horner is my fave), E.T. – John Williams.

Still more time to kill so I head into the park (I don’t know which one) and I happen upon a shoot for a television commercial,
during fashion week,
in Milan.
I could not believe my eyes. They had all this gear set up and there were models everywhere. I even got my picture taken with one. There was no security and regular people were mingling freely. It was pretty elaborate: editing studio, green screen, giant spotlights, the works.

Caption Goes Here

In the olden days, the screen used to be blue

That spotlight can be seen from space - when it's pointed up - and when it's dark out.

And here is my favorite pic from today:

Pretty cool, eh?

I hope he gets paid by the hour (or the brick)

The Swedish team was nowhere to be found

And the best part is that it was a commercial for Lego. I’m going to go back tomorrow to see their progress. It looks like they are going to be here all week.

Lego Rome was not built in a day.

So after a few hours with the Lego people I decided to go to the Design Museum (it was right nearby). I had to meet Jan in about 90 minutes so I didn’t have much time. I figured if anything looked interesting I would return tomorrow after checking out the Lego.

Well as it turns out there’s this big Fashion Week event happening and the whole place was packed with security guards, photographers, makeup artists, and fashion models. While trying to snap some pictures of cebrilities I was chatting with the coat-check lady to get the low-down on the whole thing. I asked her if she’d ever been to Canada and she said “Yes, in ’91 to see a rock concert, a Canadian band – Rush – for their Roll the Bones tour”. Born and raised in Milan, she’s a huge Rush fan. She saw them play in Germany and Italy too. Speaking of Roll the Bones, Dreamline is one of my favs.

Alright you guys, here’s your fashion models.

... and an order of bite-sized breakfast pancakes... with extra dipping sauce.

Insert your own models-are-too-thin joke

Seriously, the camera on my phone is a piece of shit.

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