Day 8 – Part Deux – Now with 50% more Pope!

23 Sep

I heard the Pope is visiting Berlin this week. I wonder where he stays when he’s in Germany. With relatives? If he was your kid would you not feel disappointed if he decided to stay in a hotel?

You wouldn't feel anything because you'd be a hundred and thirty years old.

Maybe he has a house from when he used to live in Germany. What am I saying? He almost certainly does have a house. Think about it: he only recently moved away because he got a promotion. The smart thing would be to keep the house in case the new job didn’t work out and he’d have to move back.

I wonder if he’d rent it out? I ask because I’m currently looking for a place to stay in Berlin. It seems like a great city but overwhelming. I mean, 3.5 million is pretty intense. Anyway, when you get to be Pope, looking after a rental unit from another country is probably a big hassle. In all likelihood he’s hired a property manager to take care of all the day-to-day stuff, you know finding tenants, minor repairs, collecting rent. Stuff like that. But maybe once a year there something major that has to be fixed – like a leaky roof or something with the foundation. And the property guy has to call and to find out what to do. And if the Pope was a smart guy (and he is) he’s probably got a bunch of income properties. Keeping track of all of them would be very difficult as he has been living in Italy for the past few years.

Anyway, the places I’ve seen online are probably not owned by the Pope. But that would be awesome if they were. I have to remember to ask the landlord if the Pope ever lived there. Wait. What am I thinking? There’d be all these crazy rules that I’d have to follow. It wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

Really? Every time I enter the apartment through the front door?

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