Day 13 – Part Drei – No Oxygen

28 Sep

This morning I went to go check up on Eva who has not been feeling well. She has a sore throat and finds it difficult to talk. We’ve worked out a system of blinks and pointing as a way of communicating. After a few minutes she blinks me that her hearing is fine and that I can use my voice. I haven’t done my homework and I ask Eva if she will do it for me. She’s finished it in about two minutes – it would have taken me over fifteen.

I somehow get lost between the subway station and the school. I’m afraid I’m going to be late but somehow I get there early.  Today we’re continuing our work on the letter K. We’re put into groups and are given the following task: we are rental property owners (just like the Pope) and have to write up an old-style newspaper advertisement describing our property. After we’ve completed our ad, we have to give it to the next group and they have to translate it from newspaper speak (e.g. lg 3 bdrm apt) into proper German.

My group seems pretty cool. Fernando is from Spain, Victor Mexico, and Simon is from Denmark. I suggest we design an apartment that violates the laws of physics (or at least the local building code). They all think it’s a pretty good idea and we start to work. I’m skeptical that we are going to be successful as we are not yet allowed to use the last half of the alphabet. Here is the English translation:

1 rm in a 15 rm apt, 1 bthrm, 150 sq m, no kitchen, furnished, pets mandatory, musicians welcome, 420 friendly, 1 700 Eur per pers, pr mth.

At first the other group does not know what to make of our rental property, but then they have some fun with it. Now break is over. Back to work.

One Response to “Day 13 – Part Drei – No Oxygen”

  1. Thea October 2, 2011 at 15:48 #

    haha… I have no clue how to write 420friendly in German… forget about writing it short hand…. coffeehouse netherland style welcome?

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