Day 17 – Diamond Sun

2 Oct

So I’m in the pub around the corner from my house, typing away. I hit the loo and on the way back Diamond Sun by Glass Tiger is playing on the stereo. I can’t believe my freaking’ ears. Now, you have to understand that Black Velvet was a number one hit everywhere. It made Christopher Ward a mulit-bajillionaire. But Glass Tiger?

There is no real way to describe the experience (yet I’m going to try). It’s a combination of too many factors. The complete lack of English or French being spoken in the bar. Being so far from Canada. The fact that it was not that popular song to begin with. I only really started getting into music circa 1986 so Glass Tiger would have been on my first mix tape.

Diamond Sun was a good song – the first single off their second album. Glass Tiger faded into obscurity shortly thereafter. But the the previous song on the radio was also Canadian: Tal Bachman’s She’s so High. I’m not surprised to hear this one: it’s more recent and I understand it was pretty popular. But still, this begs the questions: is German radio required to adhere to CanCon? There’s only one way to find out.

On another note, in the year 2000 in Burlington Ontario, I saw Glass Tiger perform at a benefit concert where my cousin was the MC. My friend Nita and I were essentially hanging backstage with, Zappacosta, Glass Tiger, Platinum Blonde, and Randy Bachman (father of Tal from the previous paragraph – and also Taking Care of Business).

One Response to “Day 17 – Diamond Sun”

  1. fernaurora October 3, 2011 at 01:38 #

    you got to hang with randy bachman!!!!!! i love the guess who! that is so incredibly cool!

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