Day 18 – Part Drei – A Traveling Volcano (update)

3 Oct

Am I the only person who finds smoking gross? I’m sitting in a non-smoking cafe, but all the windows are open and there are two customers and one of the staff sitting on the patio, chain-smoking cigarettes like they just got back from the war. Would they be so cavalier with their smoking if they knew how ill they were making the non-smoking customer (me)? It’s a nice day and I wouldn’t mind sitting outside, but now I’ve moved three quarters of the way inside the bar because it’s getting unbearable.

Actually he was smoking a cigar.

Last night I was one of three customers left in the pub before closing. The other two asked me if I minded if they smoked. Of course I said I didn’t mind – they were far enough away and I was leaving soon thereafter. I have to say their politeness was refreshing.

Every time the server lights one up I ask her to get me something. A beer, then a glass of water. Do you have a menu? I figure there’s less smoke being blasted into the cafe when her cancer stick is sitting in the ashtray and not sticking out of her mouth.

My previous seat by the window.

The smoking ban will eventually reach Berlin and I hear the winters here are pretty cold. I’m thinking all the windows will probably be closed for at least a few months of the year.

“What right has any man to become a perambulating nuisance—a moving smoke-house—a traveling volcano—leaving his trail of nauseous vapor on the air, which his neighbor cannot avoid, but must, perforce, respire?”

— From a 1853 NYT editorial


Update – the kid of the chain-smoking server is running around the bar screaming and yelling. He sits down at my table and starts up a conversation (he looks to be about three years old).

Who am I kidding here? I have no idea how old he is.

The kid’s father comes by an says, “I hope he’s not bothering you” to which I respond, “as long as he doesn’t light up a cigarette”. He laughs and goes back outside to join his friends.

Then the kid comes back and sees his picture on my screen. He starts pointing and yelling with excitement that he’s on the computer. It might be time to leave soon…

One Response to “Day 18 – Part Drei – A Traveling Volcano (update)”

  1. Bene October 3, 2011 at 20:08 #

    It actually IS forbidden to smoke in bars in Berlin. Berliner don’t care about the rules…

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