Day 25 – Trike

10 Oct

I’m waiting at Kottbusser Tor for the U8 to take me to Alexanderplatz and on the platform there is a man and a woman both dressed in bright yellow – it was hard to miss them. I notice that the man has something about Vancouver written on his shirt. The train arrives, and by the time I get on and sit down, the couple from the platform have vanished from my mind.

As the train pulls away from the station I hear some music starting. I turn around and the couple has set up a keyboard in the middle of the car and they start playing and singing and dancing. It was amazing. I managed to capture some of the action on my tape recorder

They were dancing and singing and it was awesome.

(stupid iPhone 3G with no video capability). Got some pics too.

Anyway, these guys are Trike from Canada (Vancouver to be exact). You can find them at or

They are my heroes for so many reasons. Inspiring, truly. I recommend you check them out.

One Response to “Day 25 – Trike”

  1. Sara Horton October 13, 2011 at 04:07 #

    You know Trike is looking for a third member…. just saying.

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