Day 28 – Checkpoint Bravo

13 Oct

Checkpoint Charlie

On Saturday I went to see the Checkpoint Charlie museum. My classmates came too.

C Charlie

It is the most famous Checkpoint in the whole world. It is more famous than the West Alburg Vermont checkpoint on the USA-Canada border.

A checkpoint is the proper way to cross a border. Today I will talk about people who did not use the checkpoint.

There are many non-checkpoint ways to cross the border.


Many people tried to dig to freedom. This is my least favorite escape method. This is because I am claustrophobic and it is very dangerous.

A secret tunnel

Tunnels are good because many people can use them.

Once, a group of old people wanted to help Erwin Becker with his tunnel. There were six men and three women. The men’s average age was 66 years old.  Erwin said no because his tunnel was too small for the old people. He was afraid they would die.

The old people did not make an anonymous phone call. Instead they built a better tunnel. Their tunnel was 1.75 m high. This was so their wives could walk to West Berlin.

After they reached freedom they were all very happy. Also one of the old people punched Erwin right in the face.

This is my favorite story of all time.


Many people tried to fly to freedom. I like this because of the high chance of success. Also because the escapees built their own airplanes. How cool is that?


Some people built balloons.

Most built airplanes.

Once two brothers flew two airplanes into East Germany to rescue their other brother. One plane landed in East Berlin to get the brother. The other plane circled overhead. This was to look out for danger. It was also for if the first plane crashed. It was the longest 16 minutes of their lives.

This is my second-favorite story of all time.


One guy built a sailboat out of hockey sticks. We do this in Canada all the time. He was on the water for 15 hours. Then he was rescued.

Das Boot


Many people tried to hide in cars that crossed the border. This is insane.

It is very easy for a dog to find a person.

Will find you.


No one tried to use a trebuchet to escape East Germany.

Or a rocket.

The end.

3 Responses to “Day 28 – Checkpoint Bravo”

  1. Jesse October 13, 2011 at 10:50 #

    “Tunnels are good because many people can use them.” Love it.

    • Die Hard Three October 13, 2011 at 12:20 #

      It’s true. The guys who were building the ultra-lights couldn’t even take their whole families. One guy escaped with his kid on his lap while his wife and other kid were on an approved trip to the west. The best museum I’ve ever been to. Hands down.

  2. Nina October 14, 2011 at 19:05 #

    If you like tunnels you should visit one of these tours

    The last time i was in Berlin i think we did tour M and it was really interesting. You’ll learn a lot about german history there.

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