Day 30 – Yet another Saturday in Berlin

15 Oct

The first time one does something is the scariest. Today I’m using the laundry at Eva’s for only the second time. She showed me the sequence before she went on vacation and it seemed straightforward enough.

  1. Plug in the machine
  2. Turn on the water
  3. Set it to 40 degrees
  4. Put the laundry in
  5. Close the door
  6. Open the tray
  7. Add the soap
  8. Add the water softener
  9. Close the tray
  10. Hit start
  11. Wait 90 minutes
  12. Remove clothes
  13. Turn off the water
  14. Unplug the machine

I mean what could possibly go wrong? So I think I’ve done everything properly but then I have no idea of the difference in the sounds of a healthy washing machine versus a broken on. And it’s making some pretty strange noises. It’s right in the next room and I have to go check on it at least twice.

But today is my last day at Eva’s. I’m officially relocating from the futon in her kitchen to the mattress’ in Béné’s spare room and I move into my apartment on Wednesday. That will make a total of 33 days of staying with friends and family. I wanna give a big shout-out to Doug / Kaew, Jan / Rita, Eva, and Bénédicte / Harry. Your spare beds, sofas and futons were many times more comfortable than the other alternatives available to me – mainly sleeping on the floor of the train station or in the various parks and bus terminals around the cities in which you live.

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