Day 34 – Shipping and Handling

20 Oct

After 33 days on the road I finally move into my apartment. I’m looking forward to settling into a nice routine and not having to move around all the time. That being said, next weekend the landlord has some contractors coming in to do some repairs – I hope they let me stay while this is going on.

I escorted Evelin to the airport this morning. Again another painless endeavor. We budgeted 3 hours and we still had over an hour and a half to kill before her flight. It was all good cause we have stuff to do – find stamps, have breakfast, talk to the customs guys, go shopping for books.


So I talked to the customs guys and they informed me that one has to have the purchased-goods available for inspection. This is important because if I have to wrap everything up for shipping I need to make sure I can open and reseal it at the airport if they ask to see what’s in the box.

The apartment is pretty cool. There was some construction or something going on when I went to pick up the key – I hope this is just a daytime thing. Otherwise everything is perfect. The manager even offered to bring an extra mattress for when the rents get here. I hope they don’t mind sleeping on the floor.

2 Responses to “Day 34 – Shipping and Handling”

  1. Mom October 20, 2011 at 02:32 #

    Glad you like the apartment – I’m not too happy about the ‘rents sleeping on the floor’ part!

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