Day 56 of 98 – The Easy One

11 Nov

Ok, this one is a no-brainer. The majority of showers I’ve used in my lifetime have the tap positioned below the spout. Can someone please tell me why this is? I hate having to be in the way of the shower when it’s first activated. The water is freezing. Plus it is difficult to set the temperature while not in front of the tap.

I think in some cases it’s impossible to position it anywhere else – mostly with small bathrooms or with showers with glass doors. And when one looks at the overall cost of building / renovating a bathroom the extra cost of running a few more metres of pipe is almost negligible.

It’s also important for one to be able to reach the tap from inside the shower. This is in the event of a sudden change in temperature or to avoid splashing water everywhere when it’s time to exit the shower. And while we’re on this subject, has anyone come up with a system where one can turn on *and* off the water from two different locations? This would be cool.

Shower time!

Full disclosure: I’m also guilty of this shower tap location-crime. I have designed two showers in my lifetime and both times I did exactly what I am criticizing in this post.

I’m also aware of the telephone-style systems but I hate having to remove the nozzle and reposition it every time I take a shower.

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