Day 62 of 98 – Visiting the Summer Cottage

21 Nov

Finns have this habit of referring to their cottages as “summer cottages”. It seems a bit redundant to me – I have yet to see a winter cottage.

So for the rents’ final day in Europe we managed to acquire a car and we drove to Porvoo (pronounced “pour vough”) where my gf has her summer cottage. It was really cold and damp – it’s November and the cottage is on the Baltic sea about 40 minutes drive from Helsinki. If you’ve been to a cottage in Canada the buildings look pretty much the same as they do back home except without fail, each one here in Finland has a sauna.

The Water

The Village

The Cottage


The Ancient Viking Burial Ground and Pet Cemetery

I imagine I would like this place much more in the winter than in the summer. Even though it was only three degrees Celsius there were still mosquitoes buzzing around. I can only image what it’s like when it’s hot out. They don’t call them the Finnish Air Force for nothing.


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