Day 66 of 98 – The key is

23 Nov

One of the things I’m enjoying immensely about visiting Finland is that I don’t have to carry any keys with me. I am merely a visitor to the country and my gf (a native) is responsible for logistics including all accommodations (she secured the use of an apartment). Because of this, she is the one taking care of the locking and unlocking of doors. And I, for one, couldn’t be more delighted. For the first seven days of this journey I was keyless and it was the happiest week of my life.

If you are human being who suffers from first world problems, you know what a hassle keys are. First up – you have too many of them. Reach into your pocket or your purse or the pocket on your purse and take out your keys. Now look at them. Pretty ridiculous isn’t it. This is your life in metal and plastic. Each key is the physical embodiment of some responsibility you have to manage. House key. Car key. Garage key. The key to your summer cottage. Work key. The key to your office. Your mailbox. And then there are the other ones – bike lock, safety deposit box, your computer chassis, your other car, space shuttle, snowmobile, and of course, spares for all of the above.

The ring ensures that you’re able to lose all your keys at the same time – even the ones you don’t use that often. And if any of those keys are for high-security locks, it’s going to cost you a small fortune to buy new ones and/or get the locks rekeyed.

If you’re waiting for me to propose a solution where one key will open all your locks you’re going to be waiting a long time. I’m more of the opinion that we need less stuff that needs keys.

For the longest time I had but two keys on my key chain – house and office. Then when my dad got a truck he gave me a set of keys for it. I tried to only take them with me when I was going to borrow the truck but invariably I would not have them with me when I needed them. This will happen if it’s not part of your routine. People know this and this is why they keep all their keys on themselves at all times. This summer I started biking everywhere so I needed a bike lock – and this third key has destroyed the balance I once had on my key chain. In winter I can go back to my two-key ideal, but I’m going to be devastated when spring arrives.

As for the truck, my dad bought a better one. He has not given me any keys for it.

Note how the latch has a protective cover to prevent someone from unlocking the door via the mail slot.




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