Day 74 of 98 – Back at the Ikea

30 Nov

My quest to visit all the Ikea stores in the world is now one step closer to completion. Yesterday I visited the one in Berlin Lichtenberg and it was bigger than any of the previous ones I’d previously been to. It had two levels and a restaurant and the ball room was the size of a hockey rink. Ball room. Those crazy Swedes.

Just the sign is bigger than any Ikea in Canada.

I like visiting these Scandinavian furniture stores because they give me some ideas for my own renovations. For example: who would have ever though about putting a sink and hob on the same island?

Actually it's more of a peninsula.

And just look how cute this sink is.

Just think of all the dishes she could wash in there.

My favourite section of the store was of course the warehouse. Look at this thing. I think I see the Ark of the Covenant.

Oh shit! Did I just spoil the end of a thirty-year-old movie?

And the Swedes have this thing called glögg. No way was I going to try drinking that. Firstly it was only a dollar. That’s cheaper than tap water in Sweden. And finally it’s called glögg.

We can all share some glögg in the ball room.

The best part of the trip was that across the street there was a Baumarkt. The picture is deceptive. This store was even bigger than the Ikea. I looked it up online and the only building that’s bigger is the the Boeing Everett Factory Assembly Plant located in Everett, Washington.


Again I was looking for toilets and by extension, showers.

Ah, ze Germans.

All in all it was a good day. I was able to accomplish my goal (visit the Ikea) in just a little over seven hours. I had estimated ten.

One Response to “Day 74 of 98 – Back at the Ikea”

  1. Thea November 30, 2011 at 18:29 #

    I didn’t make it to the Ikea in Lichtenberg, yet. But the one in Tempelhof is equally big and the one in Spandau as well… at least since they rebuild it, while Ikea Waltersdorf is kind of smaller (although still bigger than in Ottawa, but then every Ikea is…) The good thing for Germans is also that a couple of products are produced in Germany and you can get them even cheaper in fabric stores f.e. Billy bookshelves are produced in Meyenburg. And yes, Glögg for €1 doesn’t sound good. Normally the bottles are costing around 5-10 €.

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