Day 95 of 96 – Last night

20 Dec

There was no sleeping for me – with all that crap I have to do at the airport before my flight. The subway starts running at 05:00 and I plan to be on it shortly thereafter. Flight’s at 10:10.

I manage to get everything packed but I’m still worried that my two boxes are going to go over weight.

When I was in the Netherlands I picked up a bunch of hinges like the ones they had in Finland except Dutch. So I’ve got twelve of these hinges to bring back and they’re pretty heavy. I decide to pack them in with the pieces from the two jigsaw puzzles I purchased – Lemon, these are for you. This is the package I shipped separately yesterday – thirty-six Euros. Blah.

With the cistern box I can remove stuff but the other has only three elements – two parts wood, one part window. You take any one of those away and this whole endeavour is pointless.

I was chatting with a friend on the Gmail trying to figure out a way to determine the weigh of the window and the wood when it hits me: what’s the density of plywood? I went online and chose the most dense plywood I could find – better safe than sorry. Three minutes later I had my answer

w = 2 x (volume for one piece of wood) x (density in kilograms per metre cubed)
w = 2 x (0.820 x 0.620 x 0.008) x (700)
w = 2 x (2.847)
w = 5.69 kg – well within tolerances

Much better. I should chat with G more often – he makes me step up my game.

My last night in Berlin was a perfect ending to my time in the city. I got to hang out with Sandra and Stephen and we visited Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Tor, the Holocaust Memorial, Friedrichstrasse Weihnachtsmarkt, Alexanderplatz Fernsehturm, and we drank a ton of Glühwein. We then went to my favorite cafe / restaurant / bar (Cafe Fabisch) and enjoyed a pint of good German beer.

At 22:00 I gave them my monthly pass (there’s two days left) and send them on the U8 back to their hotel.

I dropped by the Doner shop to say goodbye to those guys who gave me food. I tell them “I’ll be back”


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