Day 3 of 3 – Die Hard

25 Mar

When traveling to another nation it’s important to do things you cannot do in your homeland. This has been our guiding mantra during this mini-vacation.

For example, the GF needed to get some money to purchase goods and services so she went to one of the many non-Canadian banks one can find all over the city. American financial institutions have been all over the news as of late and we wanted to see what all the hubbub was about.

A "banking machine" (no, it's not Mitt Romney)

This company prides itself as a true, American Bank. It gives out US dollars.

If you've never seen one before - this is what the locals call "money"

And even the promotional slogans drive the point home that the money of hard-working Americans is staying in America.

Look, the name of the country is right there on the sign!

But what about food Jason? Yes, what about it? Well, there are many different types of food here in New York City. As soon as we arrived we grabbed a meal at one of the local restaurants.

Out of this world good!

They best part is they had flavours of soda we do not have up north.

And one could choose the flavour oneself.

Walking around the city can be an exhausting experience. It is important to remain hydrated to keep in good health.

This "iced-tea" is a local invention. We'll probably see it up in Canada in about two to three years.

For going to see tourist attractions, we at all costs had to see the famous New York Mounted Police. I’d never seen a police officer on a horse before. And now I have

None of these horses were wearing diapers - pretty sure that's in violation of some by-law.

And the last thing we did was go watch a broadcast of a professional hockey game in a sports-themed drinking and eating establishment.

I forget who was playing

The trip has been full of new and exciting things. I can’t wait for our final day (which starts now) – we’re going to watch the new Hunger Games movie in one of the cinemas near our apartment.

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