Day 0 of 11: I Should be Packing

27 Jun

Hello everyone, I’m back for another eleven or so days of blogging. Right now I’m composing this post while watching Miami Vice (2006) in German (of course). I should be packing. I figure if I stay up late enough tonight I’ll be able to sleep the entire flight.

I’m annoyed with my flight plan (as I was Flightplan) but for different reasons. I bought my ticket without realizing that the if the Euro Cup semi final goes into overtime I’ll miss the end of the game. And sure enough my team (Germany) is playing against some other country’s team (I forget which one). Either way, I’m looking forward to the match.

Nice try.

You’re all probably wondering where I’m traveling to. You’ll have to be patient – it will be revealed in good time. And now I must return to my movie. Colin Farrell seems to have gotten himself into some sort of trouble.


One Response to “Day 0 of 11: I Should be Packing”

  1. culturepants June 29, 2012 at 10:46 #

    You teasin’ sonofagun.

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