Day 2 of 11: Bakesale Carwash

30 Jun

This traveling part of my vacation has been…. let’s say… non-standard. First up I paid $1400 for the flight – way more than I’m used to spending (peak season travel to a “remote” part of the world). Second, I had two stopovers – I usually try to minimize those.

Speaking of stopovers, in Halifax I met a fellow Canadian who was also flying through Iceland but she was going to meet her boyfriend in Holland. I try not to be evangelical but when it comes to traveling, sometimes I cannot help myself. So Mackenzie, here is your link.

Come join us on the other side. It’s beautiful!

In Iceland while writing my postcards I shared a table with a woman from Vladivostok. I have to visit this place sometime. Russia is a massive country.

Third the multiple stopovers have confused me because each was in a different timezone and currently I don’t know when now is.

Fourth, the days are so long here that midnight is about 20:00 back home.

Doesn’t seem like 23:00 does it?

And finally, we’re staying in a motel similar to the one we stayed in when I was a kid on the fishing trip when I almost got hit by a train.

There’s a track nearby but the trains are whisper-quiet. Thank God.

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