Day 3 of 11: Simple Gas

1 Jul

The motorists here drive awfully fast for a country where fuel is seven dollars a litre. And if you have not been able to figure out where I am – even with that most recent clue (and it was huge) – I will tell you now that I am in Finland – aka Land of the Finns, aka Nokiastan, aka Umlautia.

I can see now in my mind the various peoples of my readership staring at their computers monitors and mobile telephones.  Their faces displaying looks that are a mixture of annoyance and discomfort (which a passer-by might mistake for simple gas).

Aw, come on Jason. You were just there like three months ago. Can’t you visit some place *else*? We already heard about Finland.

As we were driving to our destination on Friday I was asking myself this exact same question (albeit with much less whining) when our tour guide actually said the following words.

And right here you have a very famous gas station.

I was speechless. Is this what the once-mighty nation of Finland has been reduced to? A famous gas station? A country that once hosted the good Olympics (summer) and the Nordic eX-treme Games all in the same century.

Well the answer to both (and actually all*) your questions is a resounding “no”. Sorry to disappoint. As you will read over the next few days, Finland still has many things that are guaranteed to amaze and surprise** you.

So for those of you that are right now piloting motor vehicles and various sorts of heavy machinery, buckle up.  And the rest of you (whom I assume are reading this on the bus where there are no buckles) get ready for the literary ride of your life!


Must be down by 18:00. Was not.

* Santa Clause? Easter Bunny? Wiarton Willie? Free will? God? Decreasing expanding universe? Meaning?

** Amazement and surprisement not guaranteed. Not valid in Quebec or California.

2 Responses to “Day 3 of 11: Simple Gas”

  1. bhaggart July 1, 2012 at 09:57 #

    But why is it famous? Why?

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