Day 8 of 11: The Finnish Summer Cottage

7 Jul

So we’ve scheduled the last couple of days of my vacation at the summer cottage. The gf of course gets to stay here for another few weeks. Cottages in Finland are the same as in Canada but they are just a little different.

The main difference is that there are no hallways. If there’s a separate room it has it’s own entrance from the outside. I think this is one of the reasons they call it “summer” cottage because you need decent weather to get to your bedroom.

They also have a different bathroom situation. For sitting one has to use the outhouse (very scary at night – I brought a flashlight with me, I’m still not sure what for). For standing events, well just like Canada, the world is your toilet.

By far and away the phrase I’ve used here most is “what’s happening”. This happens a lot at the cottage. It’s use is usually preceding by a situation that is something like this

  • Sitting around with some Finnish people
  • The language being spoken is not understandable
  • I’m typing away on my computer (it’s not considered rude if it allows the others to speak in one of their native tongues)
  • Everyone getting up and leaving

What’s happening?

Speaking of, we’re about to go visit an abandoned military base and power station. I’m going to bring my camera this time so I can take some photos for the blog. I hope we’re not gone to long. I’ve started a 1500-piece jigsaw puzzle and I need to get it completed before the twenty or so guests arrive tomorrow. It thought the palm trees would be easy. I was wrong. Yesterday we went out in the boat and we ran out of fuel. This time I’m bringing a flare gun just in case.

What’s happened to this beer?

Also, flare guns are cool.

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