Bucket Listing Part 2

19 Apr

So I’ve been receiving a steady stream of feedback on yesterday’s post. Most comments have been a variation of “you’ve misunderstood the basic concept of bucket lists” and “what you’re describing is a ‘hat list’ not a ‘bucket list’, stupid”.

The bulk of these detractors site a movie conveniently called, “The Bucket List”. I’d never heard of this film before today but apparently it was very popular. I just looked it up on the Internet and it said that Morgan Freeman was in it – which is strange cause I’ve seen all his other movies and televisions programs (including all 780 episodes of The Electric Company). According to the web, The Bucket List is about “two incontinent old geezers who set off on a bunch of adventures before they meet death”.

The more I read about this film the more I understand why I have never seen it – it sounds terrible. If I know Hollywood (and I do) they’re going to set up the story so that we (the audience) grow to like the characters and then at the end of the movie they both die.

Can you imagine if I’d been tricked into going to see it for a first date? At the end I’d be there in the middle of a crowded theatre crying like a little girl while all the audience members around me awkwardly try to shuffle their way out of the cinema. And my date, who was new to the city, she couldn’t just leave – cause I was driving and she had no idea how to get home from the theatre. She had to wait in the lobby for twenty-five minutes while I tried to compose myself in the men’s room.

The only good thing about the whole debacle was that I got to see the movie for free (she paid for the movie and I was supposed to get the drinks) but that second part never happened.

Stadium cleanup? It's on my list.

Stadium cleanup? It’s on my list.

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