Coffee Number Four

24 Apr

When I was in Italy back in 2011 I drank three coffees. Not at the same time of course; that would be ridiculous. I know you won’t believe it, but to this day those three coffees remain the only ones I’ve ever had in my entire life. Until…

Today I was waiting to meet a friend for supper and I found myself *forced* to purchase something from The Planet Coffee (the store not the planet – thank God: can you imagine the import duties?). I say “forced” because they have a “no outside food and drink” policy (a policy that is in desperate need of revision, btw). Case in point – when challenged while eating my MacDonald’s french fries (yum!), I calmly explained how I was exempt from their rule because the conjunction “and” in their sign means that someone is allowed to bring in food “or” drink from the outside, but not both.

I think the exact words she used were, "you've been here for two hours, you need to buy something or get out."

I think the exact words she used were, “You’ve been here for two hours, you need to buy something or get out.”


So I asked for a recommendation and she gave me a Maple Way. It was pretty good. I guess. When I finished I remained at a loss for why people have such a passion for coffee. I mean, there are clearly way more interesting things to get way more excited about. Jigsaw puzzles for example. Last night me and the GF started a thousand-piece non-Softclick (TM) Ravensburger. Got the edge done. And most of the castle. I bet you ten dollars I have it all finished by the time I have to appear in court on Friday.

So this coffee did not make me high like the ones in Italy, but I will keep an eye on my energy levels for the rest of the night. I’m planning on tackling the water before going to bed and the caffeine should help.

Last time I got a lot of positive feedback on my coffee posts and this makes me wonder if I should write one for every single coffee I drink for the rest of my life. I think that would be pretty interesting, especially if I become addicted like the rest of you. Then at the end I can put all the posts together and publish a book called “Dances With Javmocha – An Epic Tale of One Man’s Losing Battle with Writer’s Block”.

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