More Free Time

7 Jun

By far the best aspect of increased free time is the free time. Case in point: for the past ten years I’ve been talking about building a balcony off the top floor of my house but I could never find the time. Well last week I found the time and you’ll never guess where it was: right there in the middle of the day, hiding behind my former job.

So I did it. I built a massive, three-story balcony. It was paralyzing work being so high up with all those power tools and no safety harness. I’m afraid of heights and while working on the top platform (before the railing was installed) I crapped my pants in terror several times each day. But other than that it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Now each morning when I wake up I can walk outside to check the weather without having to go downstairs.

And my roommates have a whole bunch of new nicknames for me. Normally this would concern me but they're all in Latvian.

And my roommates have a whole bunch of new nicknames for me. Normally this would be of concern but they’re all in Latvian – it’s a dead language.

Now there have been some downsides to the free time and they are mostly related to the absence of money coming in to my coffer. For example, the other day I wanted to buy beer. The old salaried me would have bought a four-pack of my favourite brand (Beau’s) and enjoyed all of them over several hours.

It's pronounced Bose

It’s pronounced Bose

But Beau’s is a premium beer with premium packaging and premium cost. In my current fiduciary predicament I need to stretch my savings so I now have a new favourite beer.

photo (31)

I have to make this purchase last for several weeks. Does anyone know if beer goes bad after it’s opened or do I have to drink each can in one sitting?

2 Responses to “More Free Time”

  1. dEbs June 7, 2013 at 12:37 #

    That looks like a serious downgrade, my friend. Welcome to the frugal club! 😉

    • Die Hard Three June 7, 2013 at 12:39 #

      Frugal Club! I love it! If it’s ok I’m going to steal that one from you. 🙂

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