Toronto Storm Flood UPDATE!

9 Jul

So I’m here in Toronto house / cat sitting for a friend. Everything was going ok until yesterday when the storm hit. If I had known back in May that I’d have to survive yet another natural disaster I probably would have not accepted the house sitting request.

For those of you who are new to my blog and were too lazy to go back and read all of my previous two-hundred and five posts, this past Hallowe’en the GF and I got stuck in New York City during the Hurricane Sandy. We barely survived – forced to subsist for days on a diet of Kraft peanut butter and Five Guys hamburgers.

The one thing that’s making this Toronto experience easier (logistically) is that I’m only responsible for me. Back in New York, in addition to myself, I had to take care of an hysterical woman. I had to find food to eat, beer to drink, shelter to refuge, and tickets to Daily Show. I also I had to provide an escape plan to get out of the city. Air Canada helped a lot with that last one.

But enough about the past. The present is where it’s at and to be honest I’m not doing that great right now – psychologically that is. My surrogate home is currently experiencing a rolling blackout and I have taken refuge in a pub. Before coming here I visited the local Home Hardware and I bought flashlight. I’m really happy about this last part. I didn’t think the house I’m staying in could get any scarier – but now with this blackout, I’m not so sure.

The problem is I’m living with two cats and I’ve never done this before. They walk around in the middle of the night knocking things over and making strange noises. And while I’ve not been able to catch it on video, one of the cats can actually talk. Not a full conversation of course, but he can make human word-sounds similar to this guy.

I can see your thoughts

I think he’s saying “Kevibraough”

But by far the strangest thing I’ve experienced so far happened the first night I was here. A little background: I have a strict protocol for dealing with shower curtains when I lodge in unfamiliar environments. If I’m staying anywhere that has a shower I always always always leave the shower curtain open. This is so that when I enter the washroom I can see the interior of the shower stall.

This all stems from when I was a kid and I snuck into see this horror movie where the killer was hiding in the bathtub. When he jumped out from behind the curtain and attacked the protagonist, it scared the crap out of me. Ever since that unfortunate event my friends and family and co-workers have taken great joy in placing all sorts of cardboard cutouts and inflatable persons in the shower stalls of the places we stay during road trips and vacations. And to my credit, they’ve only gotten me once. It was during a Mont Tremblant ski weekend with a cardboard Han Solo standee. Good thing I was already in a washroom.

Okay – back to Toronto. On Saturday before I went to bed I made sure that the shower curtain was open, just like I do every night. And I’m sure that I left it open because it was my first night staying in a new place by myself – I did a thorough walk-through and made sure everything was in its place – windows closed, doors locked, appliances off, lights out, shower curtain open.

So the next morning I got up to go the washroom and I saw that the shower curtain was closed. I stood in the doorway for what felt like hours just staring at it cause I was positive that I had left it open the night before. Then I slowly lifted my hand and moved it aside. And nothing. There was nothing there. After checking the rest of the house for signs of an intruder, I was all like, WTF? How could this have happened?

I started running through the different scenarios in my mind. Is is possible for cats to operate a shower curtain? If so, why would they want to? The window was closed so it would be impossible for the wind to blow it open. Did I take a sleep-shower and in my narcoleptic state forget to leave the curtain open?

I called 911 several times but they refused to send anyone over.

I called 911 several times but they refused to send anyone over.

I’ve thought about installing a webcam in the bathroom to try and capture on video (if it does happen again) but that’s a lot of work (and probably illegal). My low-tech solution has been to wrap an elastic around the curtain and this seems to have worked. It’s been two day with no incidents to report. I’m curious to find out how it goes tonight with the electricity out.

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