Day 2 of 3 – Too Much Sitting

17 Aug

Thought of the day: why has no one invented a standing car? I’d rent one. After 14 hours we finally arrived at our destination (NYC) and I think I’m paralysed. My driving foot is going to have to be amputated, I can feel it. Or to be more accurate, I can’t. I’m going to wait until I get back to Canada to have the procedure. The health care system here in the US doesn’t even cover the locals – I can only imagine what happens to the foreigners who fall ill.

Thursday’s drive is going to be super-easy compared to these last two days. New Haven to Ottawa – 700 km. Should go by like nothing. Before leaving Ottawa I picked up an audio book from the Ottawa Public Libary. I’m thinking this was a good idea – I find the topic engrossing and it should be able to keep me awake for the arduous journey.

For those of you who are curious, Round and Round: A Complete History of Windmills by Joseph J. Handson is the literary opposite of a sleeping pill.

On a unrelated related note, during one of our fuel stops, Clara found the worst bathroom she’s ever seen in her 28 years. I asked her if she took a picture for the blog. She told me she did not. Damn. Sorry about that. Now my readers will be forced to suffer this image of our third passenger.

I wish I could have slept for most of the drive.

I wish I could have slept for most of the drive.

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