Training Day for September Death Hike

24 Aug

Hello everyone. This might be my last post.

As some of you are aware I’m going to be hiking the Killarney Grizzly Bear Trail on the third weekend of September of this year. In order to get trained up I’m going on a practice hike with several friends, colleagues, and strangers this morning.

In order to stimulate a real hiking experience I’m bringing with me the exact same footgear I’m going to use in September as well as a backpack loaded with half a dozen four-inch paving stones (to simulate the weight of a full pack). The rest of the hikers think I’m carrying our water but all the containers I have with me are empty. I plan on filling them in the beautiful mountain stream when we get to the top. Carrying all that water would just make my pack heavy.

and I'm incredibly lazy.

and I’m incredibly lazy.

So wish me luck. There’s a chance I could fall and injure my hand and not be able use my mobile phone to call for an evacuation helicopter. I love all of you.

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