Day 3 of 4 – Contributing to the Local Political Process – Boston MA

27 Oct

I’ve recently become a huge follower of municipal politics. I used to be into federal and provincial / state-level elections but they’ve gotten so boring lately, it angers me to even have to mention them (even if it’s just to deride them). Local is where it’s at. Witness the rise and downfall and then re-risening of Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto Megacity. Week after week he’s out there, working the streets, providing his constituents with hundreds of hours of top-quality, reality-based entertainment. Contrast that with our federal-level representatives in the Senate. Their latest “ratings-grabber” is that a couple of their members incorrectly filled out their TPS Reports. My God I’m falling asleep just writing about it. 

One of the reasons I’m here in Boston is that the local elections are next week and I want to help out my good friend Bill Linehan in his reelection bid for Boston City Counsellor (District 9).

Go Bill! We believe in you!

Go Bill! We believe in you!

Bill is all about progress and he knows what progress is. His opponent in this election has been campaigning on a slogan of

If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.

Have you ever heard anything more absurd? Simple logic dictates that it’s completely reasonable for a non-forward-moving person to be going sideways or standing still. What about the z-axis? Up and down are both distinct possibilities. What if you started facing the wrong direction? Or what if your train is stopped and the train next to you starts to leave the platform and it only appears like your train is moving and when the other train pulls away that you realize you’re not moving at all? What if the map you were given is from 1965 and all the roads have changed?

None of this matters. What matters is that Bill is going to continue to fight for the things that matter. He doesn’t know what they are right now because *you* haven’t told him yet. So please leave some words in the comments describing some stuff you need done and Bill Linehan or one of his staff will read them.

Bill Linehan for City Counsellor!

(if you guys don’t believe that’s a real live politician with me in the photo, notice how he’s trying to adjust his jacket so that his name is visible in the picture)


I expect nothing less.


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