BREAKING: Public Bathroom More Hilarious than Sochi Discovered!

14 Feb

Washroom in Frankfurt Germany has stall with four toilets – double that of Sochi

The number one item trending on Twitter today (#FrankfurtToiletFail) is a story out of Frankfurt Germany about the discovery of a public washroom that has a stall containing four individual toilets. Authorities have stressed that at this time it is not known exactly who was responsible for the stall’s construction and the company that owns the building has refused to comment on the situation. The Internet, on the other hand, is abound with theories with some people blaming the building’s architect while others have said that it looks like a modification to the original design. But either way, local sources are clear about one thing: this particular washroom has been like this for “many years”.

The Frankfurt toilets.

The Frankfurt toilets.

This story comes on the heels of a similar two-toilet scandal in southern Russia. Last month after they first started arriving in Sochi, reporters from all corners of the globe participated in a collective freakout over what appeared to be a minor construction error in the twenty-second Winter Olympiad’s recently-built Visitor Centre. Organizers of the games were quick to point out that this particular oversight was limited to this one washroom and all the other facilities in the building were up to code. The contractor responsible for the error spoke to the media and explained that during construction they discovered the wall that normally separates the two fixtures was the wrong size and it had to be taken offsite to be modified. The barrier was to be the last thing installed in the otherwise functional washroom, but while they were waiting for it to be returned, the crew had already been assigned to another job amidst the chaotic push to have all the venues ready in time for the opening of the Games.

While it is too early speculate on why the Frankfurt stall was built with an unconventional four-fixture configuration, there is one thing that can be asserted with a high degree of confidence. Because of the sheer number of toilets and its many years of existence the Frankfurt stall is much more hilarious than the Russian one. This flies in the face of the mainstream media who had all but declared the Russian toilet story to be the funniest of all time – demonstrating once again that they cannot be relied upon in any capacity to inform us on important matters vital for our democracy to survive. It also shows that people who are serious about the health of our society should stick to citizen reporting – specifically blogs that specialize in toilet-related news.

In addition to the four barrier-free toilets, the Frankfurt stall also contains several other odd features including a pair of fully-functional sinks complete with soap and paper towel dispensers, another smaller stall with a non-traditional “sitting” toilet, and a door that opens out into a hallway connected to the rest of the building.

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