Thank You, Kind Friends

15 Aug

Hi guys, I hope all is well.

I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for letting me use your car for the past fews days while you’re on vacation. It’s been very convenient to not have to bike to the Value Village to shop for my jigsaw puzzles – especially in the rain. Normally I’d be sending this to you in a private email but Google has locked me out of my Gmail account again and right now this is my only reliable means of communication.

I promised I would give you an update on how things are going with your car and I am happy to report that there have been zero problems so far. However I did make a couple of configuration changes to your vehicle. Don’t worry – I didn’t do anything stupid like add fins to reduce wind resistance or get a flame-style paint job on the hood (the guy at the body shop is still on vacation this week.)

But i did reprogram the presets on your radio – Live 88.5 is now at #7. This is the prime station you guys listen to so I thought it’d be best to move it to one of the buttons that is a prime number (so you don’t forget where it is). I have no idea why you had it on number 3.

I turned off this thing called “eco boost” to save on fuel because I don’t need the increase in speed – I always drive at 90% of the posted limit so keeping it enabled is redundant.

And speaking of the economy, I remembered to write down the mileage like you asked when I filled the tank, but you never told me which type of fuel to use – so I just filled it up with a few litres from each of the five options.

I also managed to figure out how to get the car’s bluetooth stereo to work with my phone. My apologies for calling you at 07:00 AM to help me with that (btw you were right – it doesn’t require a password). I only realized the next day that with the time difference it was like five in the morning where you guys are. Unfortunately it’s still not working perfectly. Do you know how to make is so that the Candy Crush sounds don’t play over the music when I’m driving? I still haven’t been able to figure that out.

That’s all for now. I’ll be there on Sunday to collect you from the airport. Oh, and before I forget – remember when you told me that your car has a factory-installed speed limiter? Well I checked and it doesn’t.

Or if it does, it’s at a rather impractical setting. You might want to get that checked.

Or if it does, it’s at a rather impractical setting.

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