Day 3 of 32 – From Istanbul With Love

11 Nov

So I accomplished one of my life’s goals today – I visited the famous Roman cistern that features prominently in the second James Bond film. I’m a huge fan of the Bond movies but I remember not liking From Russia With Love when I saw it as a kid. There was a lot of talking and a lot less action than the Roger Moore outings that introduced me to the series.

But I watched it again earlier this year for the first time in about three decades and I have to say I found it to be one of the best. The thing I liked the most about it was the beginning of the film – we were almost fifteen minutes in before James Bond made an appearance. They spent this time setting up the villains, which, when you think about it, is the way a Bond film should be.

Everybody knows who James Bond is. After Coca-Cola 007 is probably the most recognizable brand on the plant. So why is it they start every film with Mr. Bond having a briefing with his boss explaining the mission? Would it not make more sense to spend this valuable screen time with the new characters (the villains) observing their plotting?

I heard once that Quentin Tarantino expressed interest in writing and directing a James Bond film. I don’t use the expression “greatest anything ever” that often but this easily falls into that category. Apparently it never got off the ground because the producers want to have complete creative control over the finished product and with a heavyweight like Tarantino on board, they would not. So they go and hire someone like Sam Mendes who will do what he’s told like a good soldier and make what is objectively the stupidest Bond film ever made.

And Speaking about Skyfail I think I’m going to visit the Grand Bazar on Wednesday. I hear it’s quite the spectacle.

It looks spooky but it was not. Too many tourists.

The cistern looks spooky but it was not. Too many tourists.

And speaking of villains, the bad guy should be played by Robert Shaw.  Always. 

And speaking of villains, the bad guy should be played by Robert Shaw.


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