Day 9 of 32 – Raided by the Cops

16 Nov

So I went out last night with some of my architecture friends and the bar we were in got raided by the cops – the notorious Istanbul police. In my whole life I’ve never been so disappointed (except that one other time). Anyway, around 23:30 Ozan and I were in there drinking a half pint of Tuborg on the second floor overlooking the street when we saw about half a dozen guys in what appeared to be Power Ranger costumes enter the bar through the entrance on the main floor.

And they weren’t like the regular Power Ranger from the televisions show, they were more like the ones from the feature film reboot that never got made. You know, the one where the producers think they need to change something to hook the audience so they make everything gritty and realistic. So the lights come on and the WiFi goes off and I’m thinking, “oh man, it’s on”. I have no idea what “it” is, but “its” current state is one, not zero.

Anyway, so we end up sitting upstairs for what seems like a million years, waiting for the cops to bust in and start cracking skulls. But after half an hour of nothing happening I’m so bored I decide leave Ozan and go downstairs to see firsthand the chaos on the main floor. I get to the top of the stairs and all I see is one of the Power Rangers in the door trying to check some people’s identification.

And that’s it – after a few minutes they just left. And no one was able to explain to me what had gone down. Some people said they were looking for a specific person, others claimed it was underage drinkers. Either way, I think I know who they were looking for. Yes, that’s right. They were looking for Keyser Soze. I mean the Devil himself. It makes perfect sense. He is supposed to be Turkish. We are in Turkey. And there were a bunch of Hungarians in the bar. What more evidence do you need?

The view from the top of the stairs

The view from the top of the stairs


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