Day 22 of 32 – Protest Songs

29 Nov

Earlier in the week my landlord invited me to travel to Turkey’s capital (Ankara) to participate in a good old fashion protest march – Turkish-style! I’m not sure what to expect but I don’t think it’ll be water cannons and gravel sprayers. This is because the group I’m traveling with is made up almost entirely of medical doctors and medical nurses. They are going to be marching to protest changes to the regulations that govern their profession. It’s not clear (to me) what their specific demands are but what is clear is that they have some really good protest songs.

This one guy has a flute and he’s got everyone clapping and singing – even thought it’s after 02:30 in the AM and we’re all really tired. I’ve noticed many of the protests in America are severely lacking in this area. Even though we’ve had lots of things to protest, the last good song came out in the early nineties and it was for a cartoon.

I was told we’d be taking the bus to get there and I had visions of some beat-up old school bus, with pleather-covered benches, no seat belts, and a crazy driver names Mahmet. My visions turned out to be inaccurate because the bus we got was a Mercedes!


So here’s our itinerary

Depart Istanbul 01:30
Arrive Ankara 08:00
Protest 11:00 to 13:00
Depart Ankara 14:00
Arrive Istanbul 21:00

Will make for a long day, but these seats are pretty comfortable. I should be able to get a couple hours of shut eye.

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