Day 25 of 32 – Mom, I don’t mean to alarm you, but…

2 Dec

when I packed for this trip I was thinking that I would be spending all 32 days in the (relatively) warm, Mediterranean climate of Istanbul. So here I am in Luxembourg City and it’s almost freezing and I have no hat or gloves with me.

You’re probably thinking, “He’s got a scarf. That will help keep him warm.” Well… yes and no. I do have one with me but I’m not going to wear it (I refuse to conform). Also, my jacket has a broken zipper – I can’t even do it up.

And it’s just my light jacket. My proper winter one is back in Ottawa. And it’s Christmas Market season. This means I’m going to be standing outside for hours on end enjoying all the festivities without the proper winter clothing.

I might be able to borrow a hat from Dan, but he tells me he’s only got one. And it’s a fedora. And he tells me he needs it.

I think he lost a bet or something.

I think he lost a bet or something.


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