What happens in Vegas…

22 Jul

gets reported on my blog!

Yes, hello everyone. I’m back on the road again (actually in the air) traveling across the country to a place I’ve only ever read about in online movie reviews. This time the GF and I are heading to Las Vegas (aka the Sinful Apple, aka DryDock One, aka the Thirsty Cactus, aka Gamblor’s Lair, aka l’Affront du Nature) for a few days of conferencing (for Sarah) and total-body sunblock application (for me).

Right now we’re about an hour into the flight from YUL to LAS and the cabin crew is trying to find out if there’s a doctor on board. One of the passengers (a fifteen-year-old boy) is hyperventilating or something and the only medical professional they can find is a dentist. She’s back there with him now.

As an Engineer I very much enjoy problem solving, but I’m more than happy to sit this one out. I like working on non-living projects (like the gas lines I’m running for the new fireplace) where if I make a mistake it won’t result in someones death. Pipe fitting is so much more straightforward than trying to reattach a severed foot.

Anyway, I hope he’s going to be okay. I just saw a flight attendant carrying a large bottle of compressed gas (I assume oxygen) to the back of the plane. We land in a couple of hours.

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