7. Paris

3 Oct

So after sleeping only one hour last night in Vilnius and almost missing my flight, I finally arrived this morning in Paris – a place I like to call: the City of Lights. I’ve always been a fan of calling cities by their informal names, but I have to say, I’m a bit uncomfortable with this one.

The problem is I’m not sure why they call it that – all modern cities have lights, don’t they? And Paris wasn’t even the first city to get artificial lighting. I mean, everyone knows electricity was invented in America. It doesn’t really make any sense.

The city where I’m from also has a moniker that I take exception to: Ottawa – The Town that Fun Forgot. First of all, I’m pretty sure that Fun has forgotten many things (not just this one town). By her very nature Fun often gets drunk and has difficulty recalling what happened the night before.

And second, how can one claim that Ottawa is not fun? With two board game cafes (open late!) and deadly cold winters that help promote Netflix bing-watching (an essential part of modern human pair bonding) The Town That Fun Forgot should be called – The Town That Had Too Much Fun.

Paris: The Town That Got Graffito Tagged

Paris: The Town That Got Graffito Tagged Too Much


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