9. Boredom: It Belongs in a Museum!

5 Oct

I find most art uninteresting and I think it’s the same for most people. I’ve noticed recently that I’m most aware of this when I visit a giant museum like the Louvre. There’s such a large variety of genres and mediums that it’s impossible for the curators to configure the displays for the specific tastes of one individual.

But I seem to keep coming back for more. Invariably on a trip like this one I find myself on a rain-filled day, wandering around some converted castle looking at about a million paintings of Jesus and a bunch of naked statues (but never a naked Jesus).


Today Steve and I visited the Louvre. I’ve been here once before so I didn’t really bother to pay much attention to the art (spoiler alert: it’s all John the Baptist [it’s a misnomer – he was actually Jewish], David, and Jesus). Instead what I focussed on were the displays and how difficult it must be to hang some of the larger paintings.

Check out this one.


How much do you think it weighs? As much as a car? It must be twice the size of a soccer goal. Do you think the artist painted it in place and then they built the museum around it? And even the frame is insane. The top and bottom are two pieces but both verticals are solid wood. Incredible.

Oh yeah, we also saw the Mona Lisa.

It's the painting equivalent of the Hunt for Red October (1990)

It’s the painting equivalent of the Hunt for Red October (1990)


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