12. New Country

8 Oct

Since my first trip outside Canada (Washington DC, 1984) I’ve been keeping track of all the different countries I’ve visited. And I have to say, it’s been one of my more enjoyable pastimes.

Everyone likes making lists of things and there’s nothing more satisfying than opening up a document on your computer, scrolling down, and typing a few words and a date on the keyboard.

So on Tuesday I added Poland to my list of visited countries.

And it’s a pretty neat place. It reminds me of Germany but everyone is speaking a language I don’t understand. As I was walking to my AirBnB from the train station I passed a shop called the Alkohole. I thought that was a pretty clever name for the local LCBO until I passed like fifty more “alkohole” shops and figured out that it’s just the polish word for booze.

Today is supposed to be pretty nice – sunny, hight of 13. I’m going to go explore the city on foot.


There’s an LCBO in Edmonton called Liquor Spot – also a clever name.


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