To Trump or Not to Trump

22 Jan

Here I am with (at?) a loss for (of?) words. The past 2.6 days were pretty remarkable and not in the $21-for-deli-meat sense of the word – it was more like a “what the hell just happened?” kind of thing.

I’m still trying to process things and the lack of sleep plus the Redbull in my system are not helping me organize my thoughts, but here’s a try.

The crowds for Trump’s inauguration were very subdued (from where I was). Instead of waking up at 04:00 and lining up for a spot near the front, at around 10:00 I just biked around to the back and walked up as far as I could go. I ended up watching the ceremony on one of the giant screens they had set up.


I was this far away.

I think the crowd was real mix of Trump supporters, regular people, and visiting Canadians. The two guys I ended up chatting with didn’t like Trump but they weren’t too keen on Hillary either. They didn’t clap for any of the ceremony.

One of the guys, Artur (not his fake name), was born in Russia. Even though he was without accent, when he mentioned where he was from he did so discreetly and called it the Former Soviet Union. With all the anti-Russia hysteria going on, I can understand his behaviour.

After he found out I was from Canada, he asked if this was my sign that he saw dropped outside the security zone.


Then later on my way out, I saw these two guys with the same sign. They drove up from Montreal to check out the festivities but they weren’t allowed to bring their sign in because of the wooden part was on the list of banned items (I can’t think right now of what the wooden part of a sign is called).


The stem of the sign? The stick?

When the various political figures were shown up on the screen the crowd responded mostly positively. Obama and Trump got the loudest cheers. Bernie’s cheers were louder than Hillary’s jeers. I think she was the only one who was booed.


Sorry Mrs. Clinton, they weren’t saying Boo-urns.

After Trump was done speeching, I headed back to find my bike and then I rode it back to Tom and Katherine’s. I heard there was some riots or something but I didn’t see anything. All of the people I saw were very well behaved.

The other event of the weekend was the Women’s March on Washington. I was unsure if I was going to be able to attend, but in the end I made it down for about an hour and a half. It was difficult to tell from my limited point of view, but the Women’s March seemed to have way more people than the inauguration. Also, the energy level was much higher. I didn’t witness any bad behaviour at either event.

Here are some photos of a couple signs I found to be clever.



I’m super tired right now. Going to bed. I’ll type some more stuff later.

Jason out.

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