Visit to Björkliden

1 Feb

So on Monday I got back to Stockholm after spending four days visiting (and traveling to) the north of Sweden. I totally suggest taking the train. There are two reasons.

1. All air travel is terrible.

2. Trains are awesome. And the Swedish ones have dogs on them. Lots and lots of dogs.

The train ride up took about 17 hours. Left Stockholm Central at about 22:30 and we got into Björkliden at around 16:10 the next day (with a change in Boden). Chris flew up to Kiruna where he met Tomas and they met me on the train for the final hour of the journey.

Here are some photos of the weekend.


The view on Saturday morning at sunrise from our breakfast table.


I went on a hike and the trail looked mostly like this.


And then it looked like this.


While I was hiking, Chris and Tomas went to play with the reindeer.


On Sunday the three of us checked out of our cabin.


Then we went for another hike.


I somehow made it to the top of this icewaterfall.


The view was something else.

After our hike we took a walk down to the lake. We were fortunate enough to be close to the railway tracks when a freight train empty of iron ore passed by.


The sun was up each day around 09:00 and set around 15:00. Was an excellent trip. Tomas, thanks for organizing.



Train “Station” in Björkliden.



3 Responses to “Visit to Björkliden”

  1. Jason Chapman (@jasonAchapman) February 1, 2017 at 10:55 #

    Spectacular scenery!
    I also enjoyed the “straight” descriptions that were free of very very subtle jokes I knew I was missing. Unless! Unless, you’ve perfected your subtlety to such an extent that I didn’t even detect a thing! Success?

    • Die Hard Three February 1, 2017 at 13:50 #

      The jokes were so subtle and so hilarious, I forgot to include them!


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    […] absolute best thing about the trip up north was when, on our last day at the resort, I found a Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries boardgame […]

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