Day 7 of ? – Land Travel Time

6 Mar

So I decided to take a quick trip (four hours south by train) down to the national capital to visit my friends Nick and Nicole. If you’ve ever been to Australia you probably didn’t even try visit Canberra (or as the locals affectionately call it: Canos). It’s a sleepy little bedroom town that for many years was the only place in the country where one could purchase fireworks, pornography, and / or the services of a politician (so I’m told).

And while the Internet has decimated the city’s once-thriving porno industry, there is still lots to do and see. The main reason I’m here is so I can hang out and play with Gizmo and Smudge (N&N’s doggos). You see my stepdogs are over three thousand kilometres away back in some other boring capital city and I NEED MY FIX of dogs. I haven’t seen G&S since they were puppies and I’m super excited to see how big they’ve grown. I’m basically going to hang out with them for as long as I can before I have to get back to the boat.


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