0/40-1 Hey everyone, I’m back!

6 Nov

Sorry about the disappearing act I’m not sure what happened. One minute I was out there boating it up to New Zealand, then everything went blank and the next thing I know it’s seven months later and I’m back in Ottawa. (Despite what you may have heard from my sister-in-law, the boat did NOT sink. She held together magnificently and delivered everyone safe and sound to their final destination.)

Half a year is a lot of time to have go missing, especially when you’re in your forties. This is why I was surprised to discover this week the first thing I wanted to do after getting my memory back was the exact same thing I would have done thirty years earlier (when I was not in my forties) and that is check in on the Marvel Universe to find out how all my favourite characters are doing, all of them alive and well and having adventures and stuff while all the time being very much alive, I’m sure.

But unfortunately I have no time for that because right now I’m off on an adventure of my own. While I was sleeping Sarah organized us a giant mystery tour and we leave today, like right now!

Now I’m not one to spoil the end of a popular movie, so if you want to find out where we’re going, you’re going to have to follow a series of clues, each more mysterious than the last. Here is your first – good luck and happy guessing!

CLUE 1: Here is a picture of all our luggage for our trip. Where (and for how long) could we be going that would only require us to do such a minimal amount of packing? Are we going to play with the penguins at the North Pole? Who knows?!


To demonstrate the true extremeness of our packing, I’ve included a banana for scale. Or is it a clue? Who knows?!


2 Responses to “0/40-1 Hey everyone, I’m back!”

  1. Stephen November 8, 2018 at 19:34 #

    Iceland! They grow bananas with lava.

    • Die Hard Three November 9, 2018 at 13:21 #

      You’re crazy man. I like you. But you’re crazy.

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