3/40-1 Final Clues!

8 Nov

You remember that famous scene in U-571 (2000) where they capture the Nazi U-boat and then they’re attacked and then they have to try to escape using the captured U-boat and Harvey Keitel yells to the other soldiers, “Everything’s in German!”?

Well that’s what it’s like here in the first country of our big trip. Except everything is not in German, it’s in another language. And we’re not being attacked. Everyone here has been real friendly… mostly because we’re not capturing anything. Except maybe their hearts. Which is something you’re legally allowed to do when you visit somewhere. As long as its metaphorical.

Wait, what was I talking about?

“You were saying something about the street signs”

Yes! The point I was trying to make is that interacting with the locals here is difficult because we don’t speak the language. And when I say “don’t speak the language” what I actually mean is interactions with the locals are difficult because “I’m behaving like I *do* know some of the language but what’s really happening is I’m speaking German to them and this is a problem because as I’ve recently disclosed, we are not in Germany”.

This happens to me a lot when I travel – my brain hears not-english and I switch to German. What can I say, it’s a quality language.

Anyway, nothing bad has come from my language shenanigans (yet – we’re only on the second day) and to celebrate, here’s your final clue to try and figure out where we are! Good luck everyone!


In this country, a popular mode of transportation is this bizarre looking kind of car. They’re everywhere.


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