19/40-2 Goodbye Mumbai! We hardly knew Ye!

25 Nov

I think that’s because we only visited you for like one full day sandwiched between two travel days.

Yes, we are on the move again. It seems like that’s all we do these days. But this time, it’s different. Instead of embarking on a 475 km overnight train ride that is supposed to take fourteen hours, we’re heading off on a 552 km overnight train ride that is supposed to take ten and a half hours. It’s totally different!

Sure we could have flown and it would have cost us only $100 more and saved us about eleven hours of travel time, but as the old expression goes, when in Rome, travel with Trenitalia.

I booked these tickets months ago and I (smartly) forwarded them to Sarah two days ago and she read all the fine print. We had to go to the counter and confirm our tickets and then two hours before our departure time the rail people were going to post a printout with our names and berth numbers. The lady at the counter said we were all good, but an hour before our departure time, the posted list contained not our names!


In a panic I asked some Indian guys to help me and they totally came through.


So this time our cabin door is a curtain, the train left almost on time (23:07 two minutes late), and the berth sleeps four. The AC works almost too well, some dude just took our order for breakfast, and we have blankets and pillows. It’s pretty quiet.

Once more this time when we got to the station I felt a little rumbling – supper consisted of a huge platter of naan bread with about five different kinds of chutney and it was staring to have an effect. But the chaos of the station surpassed any hint of an uprising.

The kingdom was safe once again.


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