29/40-1 Another Airport, Another Connection

4 Dec

Today is another travel day. This one was probably the most toughest because I have a cold and flying while ill, well, that’s no fun. But it’s not just the cold or the air travel – yesterday morning we had to catch our train at 09:20 but we were awake by 05:50 because our Air-B-N-Be was right by a mosque and the adhan (call to prayer) happens right around sunrise.

With our flight leaving at 23:00 we had plenty of time. The plan was to arrive in Colombo at around 15:30, grab something to eat, and then have a leisurely wait until our flight. Eight hours should be more than enough time.

Except our train was two hours late picking us up and another hour late dropping us off. And our ride to the airport was almost ninety minutes (double the estimate) and our driver was insane. By the time we cleared customs/immigration and checked in to our flight we had about an hour and a half before boarding.

Now we’re in another airport in another country in another timezone waiting for a connecting flight to take us to yet ANOTHER city in ANOTHER country in a new timezone.

I miss my dogs. At home when I’m feeling bad Pepper will come up to me on the sofa and be like, hey you – give me a belly rub, and I’ll do it and he’ll feel much better.


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