Day 16 – Part Deux – Lenny Dykstra

2 Oct

What can I say about my first Saturday night in Berlin

On my way downtown I realized that one of the things I find unnerving about the drinking in public is that unlike in Kanada, the kids are not drinking your standard 341 ml bottles of beer. See, over here things are reversed – the majority of beers in Germany are 500 ml bottles and in Canada a person drinking from one of these larger bottles in public would be an indication of someone you might want to avoid.

I watched the Phillies win (they were up by 8 runs with three outs to go – I’m pretty sure they made it)

When I left the pub the neighbouring bar was playing Black Velvet. I don’t hear this song for ten years and then boom, twice in 23 hours. In Germany. Very strange.

And then there are these “alcohol cops” that go around giving breathalyzer tests to drunk people. I think it’s just a mechanism to reduce drunk driving but it looks like it could be effective.

Bonjour La Police!

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