Day 44 – Shøp!

30 Oct

Shopping here is Germany is a very exhausting experience. This is because they have lots of cool stuff over here that in Canada is either not available or prohibitively expensive. It’s interesting to note how there is an asymmetrical relationship between the two continents. It’s quite common to find European design stores in Canada for kitchens, bathrooms, (i.e. Ikea, Jysk) but I’ve never seen a non-Apple “made in USA” shop over here.

Here is how I categorize things when I’m shopping in Europe.

Audio Visual Components – don’t really pay attention

Very rarely is there a TV or stereo that one cannot get in Canada. The electronics companies have done a good job making their products available everywhere. Case in point – TV sizes in Germany are measured in inches. USA! USA!

Appliances – try to avoid at all costs

This is easily the most frustrating shopping experience. The European appliances are really slick, super-advanced, and reasonably priced. The problem is that they all run on 250 volts and it’s almost impossible to get them work in Canada. The counter-top depth fridges with the matching cabinet front panel are a source of personal frustration. Note: Ikea recently started stocking in North America dishwashers with the cabinet face.

Look at this dishwasher. I want one.

Kitchenware – am obsessed with

Specifically the pots and pans with the removable handles. I’m not sure why but this technology has not caught on in Canada but it’s very popular over here. Just think how much more room there would be in the sink if all those pots were handleless.

I *hate* round frying pans. So much wasted space.

CanCon Alert – Neal Young, Old Man. Yesterday I heard Southern Man. I wonder why this hotel likes Neal so much… Oh yeah, I’m staying in a hotel for 4 days while they do some repairs on my apartment.

Power tools – same as appliances

Bathroom fixtures – I think you know

The cool thing about bathroom fixtures is that they are easily adapted to work with the North American plumbing standards. Or so I keep telling myself.

Pretty neat, eh?

Windows – Oh yeah, baby

These are pretty straightforward. If your wall has a hole in it you can use a window fill it.

Just like in the Simpson's

Electrical things – 250 volts

Again, the different standards mess everything up. Wouldn’t you like to go back in time to when the engineers on both sides of the Atlantic were deciding what voltages to use and tell them to get their act together. I hate them so much.

One Response to “Day 44 – Shøp!”

  1. Lottabot October 31, 2011 at 04:53 #

    Yeah, what’s up with not having enough power in your power?? North America fails.

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