Day 45 – All Roads leads to Potsdam

30 Oct

Today I went to Potsdam and let me tell you this place is awesome. What I enjoyed most was the names of all the shops.

I took all these pictures during my six-hour walking tour of the city. They also had this amazing windmill – there were a bunch of Dutch people that lived here (back when windmills were in fashion (the first time)) and I guess they got tired of making their flour by hand.

The most depressing part of the day came when my tour guides and I (Nina und Urte) sat down to discuss retirement options for citizens of the German republic. It’s completely messed up. They have to wait until they are 67 to be able to collect their pensions. And this I don’t understand completely (and I’m going to try an get more information tomorrow) but if you’re collecting government assistance and you own a house, they make you sell the house. More to follow.

Does this even need a caption?

Clara, can you translate this for me?

Time for???

No caption

Also no caption.

No orange?




2 Responses to “Day 45 – All Roads leads to Potsdam”

  1. Thea November 2, 2011 at 01:00 #

    I guess you don’t really want to know that Butt means flounders or?

    • Die Hard Three November 2, 2011 at 10:58 #

      it’s funnier when I don’t know what it means 😉

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