Day 96 of 96 Part Deux – Modern bombs don’t tick

21 Dec

So my crazy rush to get everything done before I leave Berlin is now over. Everything is out of my hands and into theirs.

Sorry, throwers? Baggage handlers.

The pilot said it’s going to be eight and a quarter hours gate-to-gate. I’d set my timer – 5:24 now remains in my vacation.

I like flying east to west. The departure was delayed by an hour and a half so this means we’re going to get a few hours of sunset. I’m on the south side of the plane and the view is nothing short of spectacular. Since we took off I’ve taken about eight hundred photos and watched one episode of Cheers.

Does anyone know if the whole series took place in this one bar? I'm impressed if it did.

But seriously this might be the nicest sunset I’ve ever seen. Check it.







Originally I was supposed to come home on Thursday but I changed my ticket about three weeks ago. I’m dying to get home so I can be with a certain Swedish-speaking someone.

Oh Stieg Larsson, how I missed you.

There’s been a number of things that have piled up that I have not had time to write about. I still got a few hours left so what the hell, the wine is free, I have not slept in thirty-six hours, I managed to score a window seat with no one next to me – so let’s go.

Last week I saw a movie in the theatre and there were over thirty minutes of commercials and previews beforehand. Thirty minutes. When I asked the ticket-seller, “What the?” she simply replied, “Welcome to Germany”.

At first glance the Germans appear to have messed up their street addressing scheme. Last night were were looking for Stephen and Sandra’s hotel and one side of the street had buildings going twelve, thirteen, fourteen, etc, and the other side was all two hundred and thirty-five. This is crazy you say. But no, at every intersection each street sign with the street name has a direction indicator and a range of numbers for that block. This is waaaay better than doing the even numbers one side odd numbers the other.

And the coolest street name on the planet.

Grosse Pointe Blank is the best movie ever made. I have no idea why I did not like it this much the first time I watched it.

Johnny Mnemonic is the worst movie ever made. It’s even worse than when I saw it in 1995. They start by saying “in the second decade of the twenty-first century” and then they show the date: 2021. Now maybe it’s just me, but isn’t 2021 the *third* decade of the twenty-first century?

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