Day 99 of 96 – Back to work today. Blah.

23 Dec

So all my gear arrived safe and sound. The window was soaking wet for some reason but otherwise fine. When I getting my luggage tags at the airport in Berlin the guy asked me how much the items weighed. All this obsession about staying under weight and the airlines never even verified it.

I’m back at work today. It’s been 203 days since I’ve been to work “proper” (from June 6 to Sept 15 I was on French language training). I’m looking forward to seeing everyone – it’s been a long time.

I have to catch the bus in a few minutes. This morning I managed to wake up without an alarm clock. With the Christmas holidays I’m going to get to extend this for another four days.

Wish me luck.

One Response to “Day 99 of 96 – Back to work today. Blah.”

  1. Sara Horton January 4, 2012 at 06:21 #

    Miss reading your blog. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Email me a few dates (Friday or Saturday nights) and we’ll have you over for dinner.

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