Day 0 of 3 – Part Deux: Milk was a Bad Idea

23 Mar

We made it to Syracuse safe and on time. Crossing the border was uneventful save that the GF had to pay twenty USD to enter the country.

I like being a Canadian when crossing into the U.S. It’s like having VIP access to a nightclub. The border guard was asking all the auslaender a million questions. Where are you from? How are you getting back to Canada? Where was William Shatner born? But when he got to me he simply took my passport without even making eye contact.

At the Syracuse terminal there were some Amish dudes waiting for what I could only assume to be the bus to Pennsylvania.

I like movies where Danny Glover plays the villain.

Best of all they had a baby with them. I managed to surreptitiously take a photo.


The bus for this leg of our journey has Internet. For those of you keeping score that’s another point for busing. And while we’re on the subject, in Swedish “bus” is spelled like this


One Response to “Day 0 of 3 – Part Deux: Milk was a Bad Idea”

  1. joanne March 23, 2012 at 18:07 #

    The Amish baby made me laugh

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