Day 1 of 3 – Think Fast

23 Mar

We’ve got a very exciting day a head of us. The GF wisely left all the planning up to me – I’ve been to NYC a few times, I have a great sense of adventure, I know the score. So of course we’re going to be doing a tour (designed by me) of all of the locations of the movie Die Hard With a Vengeance (both where they filmed, and where they took place). I figure this should take up most of our time here.

  • Bonwit Teller – Department Store – 6th Avenue and West 21st Street, Manhattan
  • 1 Police Plaza
  • Central Park South (between 7th Avenue and Columbus Circle)
  • Tomkin’s Square Park Greenwich Village
  • 112 Wall Street
  • The number 3 train (uptown)
  • Yankee Stadium (the old one)
  • The Federal Reserve 33 Liberty Street, Manhattan
  • Harlem (138th St)
  • 72nd Street Subway Station

I know what you’re thinking: Jason you’re a genius and the best boyfriend ever!

Yes. Yes I am.

One Response to “Day 1 of 3 – Think Fast”

  1. Allison March 23, 2012 at 13:07 #

    Seems like that’s where you want to go… Where does Lotta want to go?

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